Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sibling Bond

I woke up sick with strep throat on a Monday morning. I had promised weeks before that I would babysit on the approaching Wednesday. After my many alternate babysitters failed to be free for that day, I realized somehow I would have to make it work. No longer contagious, there was no real reason for me not to go. I also knew, however, that with my slight fever and throbbing throat I could not keep up with the 3 year old ball of energy I was scheduled to care for. So I brought my younger brother with me. Having him there allowed me to sit and observe while still making sure little Brayden had a good time. Thank God for brothers.

I came across this photo of Jack and Bobby Kennedy during Jack's Presidential Candidacy. Bobby helped Jack both as his brother and as his campaign organizer. This pictures epitomizes the truest bond, that of siblings.


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